CIRCUS At Terragon

CIRCUS is inherently a fun and collaborative art form
Add NATURE to the mix and the experience is even better. In Nature Circus, kids learn, train and perform circus skills while being outside, reaping the benefits of being in a safe and inspiring outdoor setting, in the middle of the woods.

We learn how to build human pyramids and practice acrobatics, keeping in touch with the forest floor. We train aerial acrobatics from a trapeze or tissu hanging from mighty tree branches. We learn balance by training on a practice tightwire apparatus 60cm above the forest floor or on a slackline spanned between the trees. Under the treetops we also learn to juggle, including diabolos and plate spinning, as well as balancing on rola bolas. Clowning, mime and theater techniques are also taught. The process culminates in an exciting, breathtaking performance for invitees to the Nature Circus Grand Finale.

Lisa Sove is a certified social circus trainer, specialising in teaching/directing groups of people to create circus theater together. She’s worked for many circuses including in the Netherlands for Circus Elleboog, Compagnie with Balls, Locomotion Company and Circus Capriool. Social circus concentrates on the bonds, and necessary connections, between people practicing and performing circus techniques. Trust is essential. Mutual encouragement as well. Together we learn to cooperate to create an act as an ensemble. And there’s no experience necessary. We work with each individual’s level. The disciplines within circus are so diverse that inevitably everyone finds something they’re interested in, something they want to get better at, something they want to show to their peers or possibly even to a larger audience.