PAst  Kemples:

As parents it is very important for us to nurture core values in our children which will guide them through their lives and help them grow into caring, responsible and compassionate human beings. Children learn values mainly by observing their parents’ actions and behaviours. At the same time, the world’s greatest religions explicitly impart principles and values such as compassion, interconnectedness, responsibility, faithfulness, kindness, generosity, gratefulness, humility, respect, mercy and self-control. Nevertheless a great majority of families does not agree with the religious institutions or does not want to follow one particular religion. For this reason, we created the Kids Temple: Kemple.

The Kemple aims to create a space to transmit core values to our children

  • ​by hosting guest spiritual leaders from different belief systems
  • through storytelling
  • by “experiencing” through games, activities, rituals and traditions


Upcoming Kemples: