Our Team


 Yiwen Eliens is an experienced kids yoga teacher who has practised several styles of yoga (Hatha, Bikram, Iyengar, Arial) and Dao meditation in Amsterdam, London, Taiwan, China and Berlin. She is an experienced kids yoga teacher and the founder of GEM KIDS YOGA. 
There is a joyful mix of elements in her yoga classes: music, breath, games, storytelling, dancing, singing, drawing and even flying with the rope!

joey bakker

Joey is a former IT specialist from the Banking and Telecommunications sector. At Terragon, he prides himself on being the Mechatronical Engineer of the premises, and the keeper of the water space. He is passionate about constructing devices for the children of Terragon to play with - using hardware or software; or even just some rope or wood! Joey always encourages children to create their own tools to have fun with and is always lending a hand in the process. He is also wildly loved by all the campers of Terragon, whenever he comes in to help out with the activities.

Claudia rodriguez-ortiz

Claudia is a developer of collaborative games for education and social change (such as PlayReal and Co-creation Solutions). She is a practitioner of meditation/mindfulness and enjoys meditating with children. She celebrates non-violent communication and other practices that value empathy. Claudia is passionate about exploring how we can help children reach their full potential in life, and is constantly researching

the latest in learning theories and nutrition. Claudia organises and participates in Terragon activities throughout the year.


minne belger

Storyteller, Fire Master, Tinkerer, Actor and game developer: Minne has for many years mesmerized children with his stories in festivals. At Terragon, he develops collaborative game concepts for learning. Being a (big) kid himself, he enjoys playing in nature building houses, making fire, developing creative projects and role-playing in the forest with the children.

Minne organises and participates in Terragon activities throughout the year.