Permissions and WAiver

This waiver form is standard in camps world wide

By making a payment I authorise my child(ren) to participate in all activities of the Terragon Nature Camps. I release Continea, Terragon, and its representatives from all liabilities, including any injury to my child(ren) arising from participating in the camp activities.

I also understand that in the case of injury or sickness every attempt will be made to contact me, but in case I cannot be reached, my child(ren) will be treated by emergency and medical care professionals, as they deem necessary.

At Terragon Nature Camps we take pictures and videos of the activities to share with you a nice video of our weekly activities and sometimes in our facebook page or website.

I grant permission for Terragon to publish pictures or videos of my child(ren) in our website, social media pages or printed material. I understand that pictures/ videos will not include names for identification purposes, and that if I give notice to Terragon that I object to any particular picture, it will be removed as soon as possible.