Below you can find practical information regarding pick-up and drop-off as well as what to bring

Drop off / Pick up at Location:  
Drop off kids at our location is between 9:00 - 9:30
Pick-up kids from our location is at 15:00

contact us if you require a later pick up.

Getting there

Optional Pick-up (€10 round-trip)
Pick up from AMSTERDAM ZUID at 8:30 / Drop off at 15:30

The exact pick-up location is Mattijs Vermeulenpad where cars can park, next to Q-bic hotel

Pick up from LEIDSEPLEIN 8:30 / Drop off at 15:30
Around the corner of the Marriott hotel, Tesselschadestraat 4 , in front of Q-park

What to wear : Make sure your child wears weather appropriate and comfortable clothes and shoes that can get dirty/ muddy/ painted. Please put an extra set of clothes (including socks) and garden/rain boots even if it’s not raining. Include rain gear depending on the weather.
In the summer please also add a bathing suit and a towel for going under the sprinklers (no swimming) if weather allows.
A set of long pants can be useful too for going in the woods.

Sunblock, Anti-allergy and other: We won’t be smearing anything on child(ren)’s skin unless you indicate it. If your child(ren) needs sunblock, anti-allergy medication, insect repellent or other please include it in his bag and let us know. We suggest you do this at home. We never had ticks at Terragon but we suggest you do a tick check when they come home everyday just like you would do every time they are in a grassy area anywhere.

Food and drinks : During lunch time and snacks, we will be serving healthy (vegetarian) warm meals like soups, rice and pasta, as well as whole-wheat bread, healthy spreads, fruits, and rice crackers. If you think your child(ren) has a particular food choice that does not include these foods or has a food restriction, please send his/her food. Include a bottle that can be refilled with water in your child's bag 

Contact telephones
Claudia  0646 11 2000  /  Minne 0642 7474 26   

We look forward to seeing you!  

Warm regards,  

The Terragon Team

Practical Information