Terragon’s first Kemple will be based on Passover Seder, a tradition that involves retelling the story of the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.

At a traditional Seder children and adults celebrate their freedom. By telling each other its story. By eating a festive meal and drinking lots of wine...or grape juice. Games are played, songs are sung and it is early in the morning when the last guest leaves.

All the while at a Seder there are little stories. Sometimes acted out a little, sometimes a discussion. “Tell it to your children” is the command: children and their experience of freedom are clearly the focus here.

All along, Pesach holds the joy of the beginnings of spring, the beginning of a new agricultural year. As such, it is also a spring festival, in tune with nature’s cycle.

We transplanted all this to the here and now. And asked ourselves the question: what if we are all refugees? Suppose you are running away to safety. What would you bring? We will scout for hidden objects in the forest. We will take with us what is sacred to us and carry that with us to a closing ritual. We will run from the plagues and cross the sea! We will bake matzos on the fire, play, eat soup, sing and celebrate freedom!

KEMPLE: Seder Pesach  - April 24

This is a family event and as such children of all ages are welcome! We are not caring for the kids and you are responsible for your own children.