Event Services

​​​Terragon is able to provide catering for all budgets and tastes, using mostly local organic produce.


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Want to create a great event but do not want to organize it yourself? We can help you plan, produce and/or host an event that is right for your audience.

Terragon has indoor/outdoor tables, chairs, benches, beanbags, field kitchen and children playground equipment to tailor the location specifically for your needs.

Upon request, we can also design your special event together with our partners Delight Event Design
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So many of us spend our days working in teams, together with other people - sharing a mutual goal.

 But there are certain factors that hinder collaboration. It can be hard to get all the relevant people together. It is also difficult to get them in a creative mood and focused on the same issue. Add limited communication, social stigmas, and big egos -all potentially blocking the creative process. These factors lead to long series of endless meetings. As a result: decisions are delayed, projects are postponed and challenges remain to be solved.

To unlock creativity in a group, Terragon offers multiple Co-Creation sessions for professional teams and constellations. We develop virtual and live tools to generate the conditions that help groups think from new perspectives and get into a state of inspiration. We organize collaborative sessions tailored to specific needs.

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Co-creation SessiONS