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Terragon Sustainability Camps in 2018

Languages and Special needs

​Terragon Nature Camps is an International Camp. Many languages are spoken here by the owners, volunteers and camp counselors. For example English, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, French and German.

If your kid have allergies or a special diet please bring your own food.

We also have experiences with Autism/ Asperger. We will treat everyone equally and we will adapt and provide them to his/her needs. The only thing we ask for is that kids have a certain level of independence. 


 On request we can make a camp to your needs and wishes. The minimum kids required is 8.

Book a date: Minimum 8 kids


€60 per da

€50 per day (more than 5 days)

Bring a friend and both get 20% off the weekly fee

including healthy snacks, drinks, warm lunch, highly qualified instructors and nature excursions

PICK-UPS (optional) flexible location

Camp Times


Monday to Friday

9:00-15:00 hours

(extra hours are possible) 

In Dutch and English

What does it mean to be sustainable?
Learn about living in a sustainable way through fun, hands-on activities in a beautiful nature retreat. Over the course of one week, we’ll teach you about the five major themes of sustainability: land, air, food, energy, and water. There is also plenty of time to enjoy the location and go on nature excursions.

All days start with a gathering at the bonfire where a beautiful fantasy story is told by a fantasy character of the Terragon Woods. From there on, children are free to explore the wilderness, get dirty, run around, jump on the trampoline, make friends and to get immersed in nature through fantasy storytelling and play.​ Older kids are learned how to make a fire, how to keep it burning, how to build a proper structure and a lot more.

​Around noon a warm meal is served. Prior to the main meal and after, light snacks and drinks are served.

One Golden Rule stands high in Terragon culture. "Nothing is a must to do" if you don't want to participate an activity, you don't have to.

Terragon Location

​​Terragon Nature Camps is an all-weather activities camp on the Terragon private terrain. Within our 2.5 acre terrain we have a forest, multiple wagons and magical spaces, a 10-meter tall tipi and lots of other tents. Also the main house functions as a safe heaven during heavy rains and houses the kitchen, toilets, a shower facility and a piano. Terragon Nature Center is located in 400-hectare rural land in Amsterdam, that is part of the national heritage.

A Day at Sustainability Camp