Wednesday Nature Club

Save your spot for the Nature Club starting in September 2018!

Let your child play in nature every Wednesday in a safe and contained wild environment​. Frequent, unstructured nature-play during childhood brings mental and physical health and is one of the best predictors of active adulthood. Children need to be exposed to nature regularly if they are going to protect it in the future. Join us!

Nature Club hours:

every Wednesday from 13:00- 15:30


​​pick up at AICS 12:00 / Drop off 16:00

pick up at DENISE 12:30/ Drop off 16:00

​Price: €30/ week + €10 roundtrip transport

​extended hours possible with pick up at location

** Please bring lunch, snacks will be provided.

Commitment: minimum 6 weeks


In English and Dutch​, some French and Spanish if necessary